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Well, I spose I havent been writing in here coz I have been occupied doing other things..
I have been oh so happy, unbelievably even.
Until now.
With Christmas fast approaching, things have a way of turning to shit.
As you will know, I have split with the ex and things turned to shit from there pretty much.
Well, mentally, I have been doing really well, as above, soooo damn happy.
For the past 6 months that I have been here, I have been scraping through on the bones of my arse.
I had to sell D's Thomas the Tank Engine set, coz I was desperate for money, oh and my diamond ring and earrings.
Scott has decided that he will up the $60 a week he gives me for D on the condition that I have to write out a huge itinerary and a breakdown of costs etc...
Im the one who is struggling and I ask him for a little extra to help us out, coz ya know, noodles get boring after the first few weeks...
The bank has sent me a default notice and is STILL ringing me, wtf, go away, I have nothing for you!
LMAO, they probably pissed coz they cant charge interest on $0.00...
My daughter is goin to live in Australia with my mum as of early feb.
Thank God for journals, venting gooooooooooood........
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frustrated frustrated
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Hey all!!
I am really gonna try and keep updating my LJ.
So lets start with my holiday.
A whole 6 days without the kids, wow!!
Thats the longest I have been without sprog/s, cept that time last year when I was in hospital but that doesnt really count.
So anyways, It was just Jak and I for a whole week.... ahhhh bliss.
We did soooo many fun things.
He's gonna teach me all about diving so I will be able to go out with him and video him underwater.
Yes, me, the person most phobic of the sea, but I really feel like I will be safe with him, so I'm gonna go for it.
We went out shooting on Friday and Saturday night which was fun as, I ghavent shot a rifle since I was about 10!!
So anyways, after the 2 nights I got 3 rabbits and about 7 possums.
The second night was great, so much easier because it wasnt blowing a gale, so it was easier to hold the gun. Although with saying that, I didnt miss a target.
In fact, I am quite stoked, I got 2 rabbits from about 50ft away, one straight through the eye and the other straight through the middle of the head, now hows that for aim?
I loved it!
I wanted to stay out all night but Jak was buggered from the diving he did that morning.
Aaaaah, bliss.
Well, I had a blast and it really is paradise up there.
Like dying and going to Heaven but without dying...
Well, I hope you all are doing well.
Hugs and kisses to you all
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tired tired
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Madder by Groove Armada
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Well, its surely been a while huh?
Hello to you all.
I am a myspacer now, so I spend more time on there than here.
I have been pretty flat out over the last few months.
I nearly went to Spain to live with a millionaire, I got as far as filling out the passport forms for D'Andre and I but then decided that as great as that would be, would I really want to be with that guy???
Obviously the answer is no.
Really great guy, well at forst but then the true colours started showing and it was more like "I have lots of money, do as I say".
So no thanks, been there, done that. NOT goin back.
So anyways, I met up with this guy I used to see in school. By "see" I mean we used to snog, thats about as far as it got.
So anyways, I started hanging out with him and it was cool, the kids loved him and he talks to them like they are people rather than little nuisances and he doesnt patronise, like someone I know...
He wanted more from me and I found SOOOOO many excuses to not go there.
Then I realised that this guy is a keeper, well, that and I ran out of excuses.
Thats not the point though.
He treats me like a princess and he will bring me a coffee in bed EVERY morning when we are together. I'm not allowed to do it for him though. He wants to cook for me all the time and he isnt afraid to tell me how hes feeling. Hes REALLY honest, sometimes to the point of being rudely blunt, but I think that its a good thing.
He would give me the world and everything in it if he could.
He also is the most masculine guy I have met in a long time.
He's a hunter, a fisherman and he dives. He can be a real bushman I spose.
Always in his shorts and his bush shirt.
He's pretty brutal when it comes to possums, perhaps I should write the bloody funny story he told me about a possum... hmm, perhaps...
He skateboards, he snowboards, he has a hot hilux and well, i am completely smitten.
Seems as though he has everything on my mental checklist of things i want in a guy.
Smitten I tells ya...
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giggly giggly
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I'd Rather Be With You - Bootsy Collins
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last night it finally came to a head.
for the 4th time, i broke up with scott. thought it wouldn't be too hard but
OMG, he finally accepted it and was being so nice about it.
Now I keep wondering if i've done the right thing. I cant even remember being this upset. I have spent about 72 hours crying, nearly non-stop too.
Maybe it's harder than expected because it was dragged out far too long.
I told the kids this morning, Chey was good about it, she understood, D was watching cartoons, lol.
I love the guy so much but I didn't think it was fair that we be together when it just wasn't going anywhere and we were both miserable. Roll on feeling better and OMG i want the tears to stop.
Goodbye Scott and thank you for the 6 years we spent together.
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crushed crushed
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theme to "clifford's puppy days"
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mmmm, kooky....
I went and saw a clairvoyant today.
I have seen a few of them, I always tend to go in sceptical, coz its just better that way.
Anyways, this chick absolutely blew my fucking mind.
I got in their and she said something that just blew me away. She picked up on the fact that I had a daughter and she is 9. I didnt even say two words to her. She picked I had a son too.
I have always wanted to know if my "biological dad" was REALLY my biological dad. I have had now 3 clairvoyants tell me he's not. This one today told me his first and last names, his brothers name and his sisters name. Freaky. She even gave me his birth date. Now thats kooky. I'm gonna follow up on it. Apparently I am part portugese. That explains a lot. Always wondered what I had in me. Was always led to believe that it was aborigine. Ah well, at least I have something to go on. Apparently my real dads sister is still alive and the last living family member. See if I can track her down, worth a go me thinks. Aaaaaah.
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